“I worked with three tutors for several weeks each, and they each assured me
that if I followed their recommendations I would be successful in obtaining a decent grade in this assignment or that exam. Only one tutor’s predictions were right – Henry’s. Henry was a fantastic tutor, facilitator and organizer. His use of webinar technology made our online sessions far more effective than face-to-face training sessions I have had with other tutors.”

S. Jama, MBA
Policy Advisor

“I found Henry's practical approach very helpful. He was able to take complex finance course work and put it into understandable terms. His ability to use the webinar software was extremely helpful to me, and I appreciated working together in a visual medium. An invaluable extra to me was his genuine encouragement throughout the process, with the end result being a good understanding of the material and top marks. Thank you Henry.”

Patti MacAhonic, BA Adult Ed, MBA
Executive Director, BC Wildlife Federation

“What a pleasure it is to meet someone with a total mastery in this subject. An excellent presenter – cool, managed the chaos of multiple levels with ease.
Excellent teacher, one of a rare breed.”

Finance Course Start up entrepreneur

“I like him a lot. Makes dry topisc interesting”

Finance Course Start up entrepreneur

“Just a brief note to thank you for your indispensable and scholarly stewardship for
my Corporate Finance and Business Research courses. Because of your tutorial classes and advice I have obtained "A" on both courses. The sign of a great
teacher is the result obtained by the student! You're simply the best!”

Corporate Finance Executive MBA Student

“Thanks again for the help, it was very much useful and saved my bacon. You prepared us perfectly, I think I aced the exam, it was very similar to the
practice exam. But more importantly, I think I actually learned something.
Thank you!!”

Corporate Finance Executive MBA Student

“Great the way it was delivered”

Business Planning Start up entrepreneur

“You are one of the kindest, and most generous and real person I have ever met…”

Helen Carlson,

“Thanks for believing in me and my dream. At times when I was financially lost,
you gave me hope.”

Juanita Muise,

“Your calm collected nature was an inspiration to me”

Brandon Kwong,
Custom Clothing

“You are a great inspiration and I will never forget the help and support you have given me.”

Start-up Entrepreneur